Loose-Leash Walking Miss Daisy

This is Daisy the wonder dog. Some may mistake her for a sled dog on leash. She loves to pull you down the path darting from side to side. I have been working with her a little in her yard and today we went to the park. This video is after working with her about 10 minutes in the park. Notice we are walking next to a barrier. This is to keep her in position so I can work on the pulling. Next session we will start there and gradually move away from the fence. I am still working on getting her to focus on me more but I think she’s doing great!

​[wpvideo f4dBP2hR]​

Training Kalia to Come When Called, Heel, and Focus, with Distractions 

Kalia is a 11 week old black lab. She is great at her basic commands indoors. In these pics we are working on coming when called and focusing on me in a more enticing environment. Notice I have her on a very long training leash so she has more freedom but I can still have some control on where she can go.

Any time you add distractions you should take a step back in your training and allow her to generalize the behaviors before moving forward.

Learning Sit and Stay with Distance 

Learning commands from a distance can be difficult but very important for your dogs safety. Never assume that your dog will listen when he is across the park from you. This is something you should work up to gradually, starting off very close with few distractions and slowly add distance and distractions.

​[wpvideo DvsmiD02]​

Using Play to Reinforce Behavior 

It is important to know what motivates your dog. 

Loki loves play! When given the choice of a tasty treat, or a fun game of frisbee, he will choose play every time. By pausing the game momentarily to ask for behaviors then using the continuation of the game as reward, Loki is highly motivated to respond quickly to the requests in order to get back to the game. After some repetition the requests become part of the game. In this video Loki is working on a number of things. See how many behaviors are being reinforced in the video. Here is a list (see if you spotted them all):

Sit, stay with light distractions, bring it, stay at a distance, come when called, put it on the table, look at me, go, leave it.

​[wpvideo w74oru8w]​

Heeling Off-Leash

In this video Loki is beginning to check back with me as he walks in heel position. He begins to get ahead of me at one point and I ask him to slow down. In order to teach this command I first taught him to speed up by jogging with him and giving the command “faster.” Then as I slowed down I introduced “slow down.”

​[wpvideo D9ekofdp]​