Frequently Asked Questions

How old should my puppy be before beginning training?

Answer: Puppies are learning from the moment they are born. Often the things they are learning are things we don’t like. It’s best to start teaching them the things we do like as soon as you bring them home.

Do we use shock or static collars?

Answer: No, we do not use shock, prong, or choke collars.

How many sessions should I buy?

Answer: That depends on what your goals are, how much time you invest in your dog,  and how quickly your dog learns, but six sessions is the most common amount.


Do you do service dog training?

Answer: Not at this time.

Do you work with dogs that are aggressive towards people or other dogs?

Answer: We work with over-reactive dogs, but we do not work with dogs with a bite history or aggressive behavior toward people.

Do you do board and train?

Answer: No, all training involves the owner.

Do you train for dog sports?

Answer: Not at this time; however, the training we do is an excellent foundation for any sport training, scent work, service dog, therapy dog, or trick dog training.

Does my dog need to be current on vaccinations?

Answer: If they train in our facility, they have to be current on their vaccinations and must have their first two parvo shots. If they are not current on their vaccinations, we can do in-home training

Are you a credentialed dog trainer, and do you have references? 

Answer: Yes