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Paws Companion Dog training has been working with people and their pets in the river valley since 2016. In that time the world has become increasingly challenging. Our work and school lives have been forever changed. Because of these changes many of us are spending more time at home with our pets. We also know that humans and their canine companions can often have competing motivations which can create discord thus adding to those challenges. Our desire is to show pet owners that a well mannered dog is possible through compassionate, effective training. In the same vain, we also want to show the dogs that live with us that we hear them and we are working hard to understand their needs as they navigate our often confusing rules. In the years that we have been training we have seen countless dogs have astonishing behavioral transformations and many happy pet owners that have told us we have helped bring harmony to their home. We hope that you give us the opportunity to work with you and your pups and bring a little bit of that harmony to your home as well!

So why choose us?

•Personal attention•

No cookie cutter group classes where the trainers focus is divided between multiple dogs and handlers.

•Owner involvement•

Training is ineffective long term unless the pet owner is an active participant in the training.There for we include you in all aspects of the training and encourage our clients to ask questions in the sessions and after they go home through text or phone call any time a question arises.

•Certified professional•

Our trainer has years of experience training dogs of many breeds and is a certified professional dog trainer through CCPDT. One of the most respected certifying bodies for dog trainers in the country. To maintain this certification he must stay current with the latest science and best practices in dog training through continued education.


We are committed to using effective, humane, science based training that your dog will love and produces results!

Services and Pricing

•Training and Behavior consults $100

•Puppy Basics I $300 (3 sessions)

•Puppy Basics II $300 (3 sessions)

•Basic Training I  $300  (3 sessions)

•Basic Training II  $300  (3 sessions)

•Beyond the Basics  $300 (3 sessions)

•Basic Training Bundle  $550

(6 session + book with video demonstrations)

Single Skills training

•Leash training $250 (3 sessions)

Training and Behavior Consultation

Consultations are $100 per hr. session

The basic training consultation is included in the basic training I package but can also be purchased as a single event. It will be geared to your specific needs but will usually cover your dogs history, diet, management tactics and recommendations for reducing unwanted behaviors, crate training, potty training, and more. (This does not cover any issues dealing with aggression, or over reactivity to other dogs or people.)

Puppy Basics I

Puppy Basics I package is for puppies up to 4 months old.

•price- $300

Includes 3 one hour sessions

The first hour will consist of a training consultation. This consultation will cover but not limited to: Socialization, management, how dogs learn, diet, exercise, appropriate play, husbandry, equipment,  potty training, and crate training.

We will also begin work on a couple of basic skills if time allows

The two remaining sessions will focus on learning several basic cues like but not limited to:

Targeting • Sit • Responding to their name • coming when called

All training is geared to your individual needs and may vary

Puppy Basics II

Puppy basics II is for puppies who have completed Puppy basics I.

Price $300

Includes 3 one hour sessions

In this package we will continue teaching you management techniques, the mechanics of training and training techniques.

Your puppy will learn new skills like but not limited to:

Place/go to station • Drop it/Take it • Leave it • Stay • Intro to loose leash walking

All training is geared to your individual needs and may vary 

Basic Training I

Basic Training I is for puppies and dogs 5 months and older needing to learn some basic skills and manners.

Price $300

Includes 3 one hour sessions

Hour one will be a training consultation covering but not limited to:             Your dogs history • Diet • Management ideas • How your dog learns • Exercise Crate Training • Potty Training ( if needed) • Multi-Dog House management • Discuss how to prevent unwanted behaviors and more.

If time permits we will also introduce a couple of skills /cues

The remaining two sessions will focus on learning several skills like but not limited to:

• Responding to their name • Targeting  • Sit • Down • Come When Called.

All Training is geared to your individual needs and may very

Basic Training II

Basic Training II is for dogs who have completed basic training I or who have had previous training and already know a few skills.

Price $300

Includes 3 one hour sessions

In this package we will continue to practice previously learned skills and learn      a few new skills like but not limited to:                                                                          Place / Go to Station • Drop it/Take it • Leave it • Stay • Intro to loose leash walking • Explore ways of reducing unwanted behaviors

We will also discuss strategies for making your training more efficient while keeping it fun for your dog.

Basic Training bundle

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