Helping O’Malley with his “Toy Guarding”

In this video I am demonstrating how to help your pup understand that taking something away that he is playing with is not so bad.

O’Malley absolutely loves his toys and gets very upset if you take them from him.

It’s really important that you go slow. The goal is to never have the dog react. In the beginning of this video I was pushing the dog much too hard. I knew I would probably be bitten but knew he had good bite inhibition and wanted to demonstrate his reaction in hopes that this video could possibly help others who are having the same issue.

If your dog is reactive and you are unsure of his ability to control his bite please do not try this exercise and consider hiring a professional dog trainer. Also I had previously worked with him on playing tug with a “leave it”/ “take it” cue. This was a process in of its self and was not demonstrated in this video.

I hope you enjoy and I apologize for the poor video quality.[wpvideo 4or7VTGi ]

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