Does your dog love to dissect plush toys? My Dachshund can tear into a toy and remove the squeaker so fast it will make your head spin. What drives dogs to destroy that cute little fury toy you just bought them? Well the answer is relatively simple. Dogs are prey animals. Yes that cute cuddly little puppy has a genetic predisposition to hunt, stalk, chase, kill, dissect, and eat prey. Acknowledging this and giving your dog an outlet for this kind of behavior is incredibly important. Most issues that pet parents have with their pups like chewing, play biting, digging in the trash, chasing cats, stealing, and several others can be reduced simply by playing games like tug and fetch, scent games, as well as providing chew toys. In this video I made a shredder ball for my dachshund. She absolutely loved it and it hopefully satisfied her prey drive in some small way. Just remember to supervise this game and if you have Dog who eats things like stuffing, string or cloth this games not for you. Enjoy![wpvideo bHG5i3ur ]